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Think You Can Write? What is Read.Cash?

I was 11 or 12 when I first heard that I’m good at writing. Since then I heard it many more times. Did I believe it? Yes. Have I done anything about it? No. I carried on pouring my heart into diaries, letters, emails and private messages to my friends.

I guess my Polish language teacher was one of my excuses as to why I didn’t. I was much more introverted back then. I read tons of books and played mainly with the guys, as they seemed easier to deal with and they also smoked cigarettes. I had many thoughts which I couldn’t quite articulate and pouring them into my diaries was very much needed. 

I was a slow starter… I never knew how to start writing an essay, as everything seemed too trivial to me, so I never really gave back any of them on time. I would come to school, read how other kids started their essays and only then I could write something. One of those pieces was very good I thought, but my teacher thought otherwise and gave me a B. Not only that, she also read the best pieces out loud to the whole classroom and said it was not possible that a 14 years old could write like this and that I most likely copied it from somewhere, although she couldn’t find a source. She couldn’t because the source was me, but as I said, I was rather introverted and I wouldn’t dare to say this out loud in front of the whole class. Public speaking was terrifying to me.

My dad also wasn’t encouraging, when he commented on a letter I sent him from a holiday.

‘Thank you for your letter, daughter. Next time you could describe your experience with a cat in 1 sentence instead of 10’ he wrote back from the prison. 

Isn’t it what makes one a good writer? An ability to describe a situation/object/person in such detail that you can imagine them as if you were there? Or better yet… convey your feelings so well that the reader can feel them too? Why didn’t anyone tell me this earlier? 

Like I said, I also had many people encouraging me to write, but I guess I let those negative opinions of people who were back then some kind of authorities to me hold me back from writing. Next I moved to England and I had a new excuse.

English isn’t my navite language!

‘I could never express myself in English as well as I can express myself in Polish’ I was  explaining in my long letters to Mr X. Another year, another excuse!

Fast forward 16 years from my arrival and I’m sitting on my couch, typing this article for Cash Review. I guess my English has somewhat improved, but I also stopped caring all that much about what other people think of me. I finally put all the doubts aside and started writing short articles on Read.Cash
I would really love to write books some time, but I’m a bit too ‘all over the place’ for it. Read.cash is a perfect place for me. I have 100 ideas a minute and trying to put them all into a book would make you wonder whether you’re reading a cooking book, an applied witchery magazine, a psychology article or garden advice. I just can’t pick one thing, I mix everything with anything!

How about you? Do you want to tell me some stories?

It can be about anything. That’s the beauty of Read.Cash. Just sit down and tell me a story, ideally over 3 minutes of reading. Why? So TheRandomRewarder can see your post and if this happens, he may reward your efforts with some BCH going straight into your crypto wallet.

Funny thing is, that I only opened my account on read.cash, to use their integrated wallet on the sister website – noise.cash. I don’t know much about the wonderful crypto world. I remember mining some coins years ago, then I got bored and recently found out that the website doesn’t exist anymore. Oh well, I needed some wallet and read.cash was the easiest option and also a few articles to read about how things work here.

After spending a few days exploring the sister site (you can find a great article about What is noise.cash? New User’s Guide to getting the Most out of noise.cash) I redirected my attention back to read.cash. I thought it would be a great place to tell people about Timebucks, a website I have been recently exploring, where you can earn some $ on the side. Very happy with myself, I sat down on my laurels for the rest of that Sunday. 

I was somewhat surprised that my barely 3 minute article about Timbucks didn’t bring me… well, a lot of bucks! 

I decided to find out more about TheRandomRewarder. Almost straight away, I have found out that writing articles with referral links is a major faux pas and Mr TRR won’t tip you for this. I am not sure how true it is, as I’ve seen some tipped articles with a referral link, but maybe after being on read.cash for a while, it’s more acceptable.

So who is TheRandomRewrder (TRR)? Here is how he introduces himself: ‘I’m an Artificial Intelligence, specifically: Deep Learning Convolution Neural Network that is used to rank users, articles and short posts and distributing tips according to the result’.

Do I need to know a lot about BCH to write on read.cash?

I read a lot of truths, myths and half truths about TRR. One of which was that you need to write about BCH (Bitcoin Cash) to be noticed by it. I didn’t believe this to be true, but this was also the easiest to debunk, as I know virtually nothing about BCH. 

The idea for my second article was born when I was writing a post on noise.cash about my daffodil munched by a snail. I started typing and it became so long, that I decided to make it even longer and post it on read.cash instead. After hours of writing, photographing and editing I posted my ‘masterpiece’ https://read.cash/@fantagira/my-love-hate-relationship-with-snails-459cb570 and got busy with gardening. 

Did TRR come? Yes it did. It is very random though. It won’t come and give you $1, but pops in and out multiple times, giving truly random amounts. I think he visited 5 or 6 times and gave me a total of $1.72 for this article. So clearly writing about BCH is not a requirement.

How do I start on read.cash?

The platform is pretty intuitive and easy to operate. Once you’ve created your account using any of the links in this article (just heads up – these are all affiliate links), you’ll end up on a page that looks like this:

read cash main menu profile

Starting from the right, we have read.cash where you can find and read all the posts on the platform.


here you can find all the articles by topics – pretty self explanatory. When writing your first articles it’s a good section to look at for ideas on which topics to add to your article, as well as to see what are the most popular subjects on this platform.


also as the label says – you can find all the communities and join/post your articles there. I personally haven’t explored this section yet. I will definitely do this at some point. 


quite an interesting corner to explore. You can find various graphs and lists here, from numbers of users, amounts of tips to the most generous names of this platform. MarcDeMesel is right at the top here (followed closely by TRR). Upon a little stalking session I decided that I like the guy and his ideas. He sure is very enthusiastic about BCH. There are many other generous users and you can be one of them too if you chose to do so. It is very much of a ‘Pay it forward’ community. 

What makes me curious by looking at the stats though is what happened in Sept/Oct 2020. Number of active users, tips, articles were at all time high then and it looks like it wasn’t repeated since then. Very interesting.


is where you write… a short post of a full article are your 2 options. So what are you waiting for? Go write on Read.Cash !

Further to the right, you find the ‘search’ option, a bell for notifications, which will turn red when you have any and there is your wallet integrated into read.cash platform. You are  advised not to keep too much crypto in it, so you’ll eventually need to find yourself another, more permanent wallet, but this one will do for a start. Make sure you write down your seed phrase when asked and keep it in a safe place, as you will need it sooner or later. You will get many warning messages when you sign up, but if you still didn’t do it when first asked, you can hover above your wallet and a drop-down menu will show up. There is “Backup my wallet’’ option almost at the bottom of this list and you can get your seed phrase there. And remember – this wallet only exists in the current browser you use. It will not be here if you open it on another device, so make sure you write down your seed phrase.

Drop Down Menu

read cash drop down menu

As you can see on this picture, there are more options in the drop-down menu, but most, like those on the top of the page are pretty self-explanatory, so I won’t bore you with explanations. You get the main steps already – register, write and explore/engage. 

As you can also see in the picture above, I barely have any followers on this platform, but I’m already earning BCH for my (mainly nature orientated) articles. I think the key points to being successful on this platform are not that different than any other platform you currently use and these are:

  1. Write original content on a topic you know a lot about. If your article has already been posted somewhere else, TRR won’t tip you for it. Also no point writing about BCH if you know nothing about it.
  2. Bring VALUE into the platform. Make quality content that other people will want to read. Occasional rant is ok, but if all you want to do is moan, then not many people want to read it. 
  3. Be your authentic self. Copy pasting will get you banned quicker than you know it. Pretending to be someone you’re not doesn’t work for long either. Just be yourself. We all have a story, feelings and opinions. Write it all out.  
  4. Engage with the community through reading, writing relevant comments, tipping and sponsoring other creators.

I must be honest with you. Part of point No 4 is still a mystery for me at the point of writing this article. I haven’t yet managed to tip a single article or a comment on this platform. I get an error message whenever I try. After a few conversations with other creators I realise this is normal when you are a new user. I will make sure to add more into this article as my knowledge about Read.Cash grows. 

For now, go write a story and pop round to say hello in the comment section of any of my articles. 

Just one more thing… don’t forget to share your articles with your friends on other social media platforms or directly to them. All your links work also as affiliate links, meaning that you will be able to earn 3% if your friend signs up and becomes an active creator. TRR also seems to like the incoming traffic a lot!

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  1. Such a very good article and you have shared everything about readcash.. This will be so helpful for newbies.. And thank you for featuring readcash on your site. 😊

  2. hey this is a very comprehensive review about Read.Cash. A lot of newbies who are onboard with us back there would use this article as a point of reference. I remembered buying my own domain long time back and now I couldn’t even use it. Thanks to the growth of social media platforms where we could articulate our thoughts well.
    Truly appreciated for the sponsorship as well. Looking forward on your review for CoinTr.ee (https://cointr.ee/patjules)

    Have a great productive day ahead.

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  4. Very informative and detailed piece here. Nice work. Lots to digest. Might I add that I have only been on read.cash for a very short time, but so far I find I am going to really like it there. Great site.

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