What is noise.cash?

What is noise.cash? New User’s Guide to getting the Most out of noise.cash

From the creators of read.cash, brings to you the micro-blogging platform noisehttps://noise.cash/u/Panky.cash! But what is noise.cash?? noise.cash is a platform that has a similar feel to that of Twitter whereby users post short articles about whatever they want! Similar to platforms such as Display (Formally known as Tsu) You are monetized for the content you produce! Huge news for Bitcoin cash (BCH) fans, the money paid to the user is paid using BCH and it quickly became the top crypto-centric blogging forum on the web among BCH fans.

Firstly, a huge thank you to Abraxas who wrote out the description you are about to read and gave me (panky) permission to upload it to Cash Review. Go check both accounts out to say hey!

What is noise.cash?

The platform that has a sort of Twitter feel to it allows like minded users to create short posts of content. I have seen crypto fanatics talking to each other about crypto news as well as some amazing photography from professionals down to amateurs using mobile phones to capture. This platform is truly built to satisfy all walks of life!

As with most other social media platforms, noise.cash have the ability to like and share posts that you think are worth to. However, unlike the other social giants, you are rewarded for your content with payments given in the form of BCH but on top of this users can tip real quality content (More on this later).

In the first 24 hours of being on the platform, i had already earned $4 that was deposited directly into my BCH wallet! It doesn’t seem like much, but I don’t know many other platforms that pay that much for you to post content! For those of you that are currently using Display and Bluefire, i can honestly say, you need to read this article!!!

So many people have gone to the forums with their review on this new venture such as the read.cash blogger dubbed ‘Bitcoincash247’ where he write:

Noise.cash is a social platform just like Twitter which allows its [userbase] to earn bitcoin cash from tips for making short posts. Although this awesome platform is still under upgrade, it has already been found interesting by its [userbase], as it offers a free [bitcoin cash] pool were users can tip each other for free.


There is a noise.cash app that IS NOT legit! Yes you can log in and use the app perfectly fine, but you will encounter adverts every 5 minutes that do not come from the developers of the platform! Use the app using your general browser whereby you will have an option to create a home-screen icon. Unless you enjoy adverts that is…

Linking Your Crypto Wallet

Due to the platform being a BCH pro platform whereby the revenue given is given in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash. So if you are new to cryptocurrency, you will need to get yourself a crypto wallet so you have somewhere you can be paid to. Here is a list of a few trusted crypto wallets that you can use.
You do not need to know anything about cryptocurrency to understand noise.cash so do not worry about that!

Once installed, you need to go to create a BCH wallet and then go to the “Receive” section to get a link to receive money. Copy this code, and then go to your Noise profile, click your username at the top-right of the page, and then click “Wallet” from the menu. The Wallet page will ask you for your code – paste the code from your bitcoin.com wallet in there, then click save. Once completed, you should find the tips you receive on Noise appearing in your Bitcoin.com wallet app.

Before we get in to the nitty gritty of the app, get in touch with us on WowApp… Its a fantastic messaging app whereby you can create group chats and earn money at the same time!! Join up and join the Noise.cash group for easier discussions with the rest of them noisy lot!!!

Getting Started

Welcome to noise.cash! Before fully embracing the community and engaging on this site, I’d suggest lurking a bit to get a feel for the basics of how things work. The site is pretty simple and intuitive, but there are some traps you could fall victim to without realizing it. I hope this guide will help you become one of the upstanding members of the Noise community.

Let’s start by looking along the top of the site – you’ll notice at the top, it’s broken down into 4 sections: Subscriptions, Chambers, Explore, and Search.


The Subscriptions section will show you the posts from people that you have chosen to subscribe to. As each member creates new posts, they will appear in your Subscriptions section. For more information on subscribing, see SUBSCRIBING TO ACCOUNTS/CHAMBERS


noise chambers hashtags grouping

Chambers are a lot like smaller communities on Noise that focus around specific topics. At the time of writing this post, the only way to post into a chamber is to go to that specific chamber, and write from there. There is no way to “tag” a chamber manually in your posts, and as of recently, the button we used to have on the main page to tag in a chamber has been removed as well. The content in the “Chambers” section will vary depending on which chambers you have subscribed to. Much like the “Subscription” section, this page will display posts from various chambers you have chosen to join. Posting to chambers can help your posts reach further audiences, as people may be subscribed to chambers that you’re posting to, but not subscribed to your account. Following chambers is a great way to find content on specific topics, without the need to subscribe to multiple people that only maybe sometimes talk about these things. While chambers cannot be manually entered, they are often referred to in comments as “n/ChamberName” (ie: n/WelcomeToNoise)

Subscribing To Accounts And Chambers

noise subscription followers

To subscribe to an account or chamber, go to the account/chamber and click the “Subscribe” button. You’ll notice the “Subscribe” button turns a darker shade and says “Subscribed”. You can cancel your subscription at any time by clicking the button again. In the case of account subscriptions, you will notice a little speaker with an “x” beside it. You can click on this to change it to a red bell, meaning that you will get a notification any time the person makes a post. Should you wish to turn this off, just click the bell again and it will go back to the speaker with the “x”. Accounts can also be subscribed to and managed by clicking on the username at the top-left corner of their post/comment. It will drop down a little window with some basic options (Subscribe/unsubscribe, notify/mute, and view profile)


The Explore section on the top navigation bar is an amazing place to start and reveal users that you may like to subscribe to! If you are new to the platform, maybe you have no idea who anyone is? You can click on the Explore icon which will show recently posted content from various users. I highly recommend that you visit here to start with and find some perhaps like-minded people that you can make a noise with!

The Search section is pretty self-explanatory. It lets you search a topic and will return users, chambers, and posts that relate to the term you searched.

Creating Better Posts

This might also be a tricky topic to think about at first. If you’re new to the site, that’s cool. Explore a bit and get familiar with things. The posts themselves are plain text-only. At the time of writing this, there is no markup/markdown to do bold/italic/underlined text. There is no way to create links with alt text. It’s quite cut-and-dry. Posts are also limited to a maximum of 5 pictures. So be mindful of these limitations when creating your posts. If you’re having trouble thinking about something creative to write about, consider the fact that Noise has a pretty global audience. What’s normal and every day for you, might be something totally new and different to somebody else in another part of the world. Share bits of your life, culture, and/or country that you’re comfortable with sharing. Sometimes creative content is easier than you might expect! Try to make your posts engaging, too. Ask open-ended questions for us to respond back to. We can all learn something new! Also, be mindful of your subscribers. People probably don’t want to see 500 posts from you a day. Try to limit the things you share and ask yourself if the post you’re about to make is *really* worth posting – especially if you just posted something else a few minutes earlier. Posting too much could lead to people unsubscribing from you.

Creating Better Comments

Despite the flood of “SDONE” and other begging comments you might see, these accounts very rarely get any sort of positive engagement or tips. They rarely get subscribers, except for other spam/beggar accounts. Do not let these people convince you that their ways are acceptable as falling into their ways will lead you to further problems…

Renoising Content

Renoising is a way to share content that you’ve found from other users that you want to help share. Renoising is done by clicking the little loopy-rectangle icon on the bottom of the post. When you renoise, you’ll have two options – you can either just straight mirror their post to your feed (and all your subscribers will see it) – this is called “renoise”, or you can renoise with a comment so you can add your own comments to the top of the post. It’s important to understand the difference in the two – if you straight renoise, all tips, hearts, and comments will go straight on the original author’s post. If you renoise with a comment, then the comments and hearts will go to your post, and the tips will be split – The way it is split will depend on how much you choose to take for yourself, and the breakdown itself will be visible in the tips pop-up showing how much you, the renoiser, and the original author will receive. In either case, the author of the post being renoised will be notified that you have shared their content. Content that has been renoised will show a small number beside the “renoise” button to show how many times it has been renoised. There is currently no way to see each of the renoised copies from the main post.

noise.cash Free Tips

Free Tips are small amounts of money that upstanding accounts are given over time. Not a lot is known (by us users) on how this system works. What we do know is that your account must be in good standing (see ACCOUNT RATING) in order to receive and use the Free Tip money. There’s also a maximum amount that you’re allowed to have, that also seems to depend on your account rating. The maximum is I think around 80 cents, or just below. Once you reach this limit, you will get a notification telling you that the site would have given you more, but you’re currently holding too much. It will advise you to spend some of that money in order to get more. The way this money is handed out is kind of weird, and nobody (aside from the admins) are really sure how it works – whether it’s based on community interacting with your content, if it’s on some sort of timed schedule, or if it has to do with how active you are on the site… or any mix of those. Sometimes you’ll find that you’re out of FreeTip money for several hours, despite being active. Sometimes you’ll go to bed for the night with an empty wallet and wake up filled to your cap.

noise.cash free tips Bitcoin Cash BCH

Tipping Comments And Posts

There are two ways to tip posts. The most commonly used method is the previously mentioned “Free Tips” option where you’ll use the money given to you by the site to tip with. The other option is the QR Code to tip from your own wallet. It’s a nice way to still give money to people when the free money has dried up, and I’m sure the site admins and donators (or just Marc? lol) appreciate us using some of our own money when we can to pay it forward. You can even just tip out of the wallet you have your FreeTip money going into so you can pay some of your earnings forward. When tipping with FreeTips, you’ll notice a few things. At the top of the window are preset values that you can quickly select, or if you want to tip something not on there, you can click “Custom” and manually enter the value (or use the slider). There’s also a “Percentage to yourself” that you can change. When tipping with free tips, a percentage of the value you choose is given back to you. If you wish to change this, you can click the “change” button and select a new percentage. The site will allow you to pick anything from 20%-80%. Keep in mind, the intention of tipping is to reward other users for their content. The information is all relatively private, but I think most people would agree that taking more than 50% of somebody else’s reward is a bit selfish. The other thing to keep in mind is dusting. Dusting is a term used for receiving very tiny transactions – at a very surface level BCH network fees are based on the number of transactions that make up the value that you’re sending. As you can imagine, lots of very small deposits to your wallet will end up costing you more to move. These tiny fractions-of-cents transactions are known as “dust”. With this in mind, remember that all FreeTips use the %, so if you tip 1 cent to somebody, even with the slider all the way down you’re really only giving them 80% of 1 cent and dusting yourself with 20% of 1 cent. It’s completely personal opinion here, but I prefer to wait until I have at least 2 cents before I tip anything just to prevent as much of the dusting as possible.

“Hearting” Comments And Posts

Much like other social media platforms, Noise has a “Heart” feature, which is another way of like acknowledging a post. Hearting doesn’t cost anything and doesn’t notify a poster when it has been done. It’s a good way to track how popular a post is, but doesn’t hold much function beyond that. I still suggest hearting anything you like, as it’s proper etiquette and helps content creators get an idea of how many people are interacting with their posts.

Account Rating

As mentioned earlier in this post, being an upstanding Noiser is important. It means access to FreeTips and also lets you get away with a bit more in the comments that might normally trigger the word filters. The intent is that if you’re a good/excellent user, you’re probably using those terms in good faith to explain how NOT to do something, whereas if you’re a spammer, you’re probably just using them to beg. Account rating can be done by any Good or Excellent account on the site. To rate a user you’ll need to have an account that has an overall rating of GOOD or EXCELLENT. Go to the user’s profile that you wish to rate and look at their overall posts. If the content appears to be unique and original, then they’re off to a good start. Next you’ll want to click the “Show Replies” link on their page to get an idea of what sort of comments they’re leaving on other people’s posts. Often times this is where you’ll discover whether or not the user is a spammer – many appear to have good posts, but then you see the replies and they’re all just simple emojis, one-word posts, or subscription/tip begging. Based on how you feel, give the account the most appropriate ranking from SPAM to EXCELLENT. If you’re unsure of the account, use the middle option with the “shrug” emoji

Noise.cash user rating
Noise rating excellent user rating


This is a big one, and one that I think a lot of new users don’t fully understand. While there are a lot of decent users on this site, there are also a lot of spammers and beggars that might be giving new users the wrong idea. These people often post comments like simple emojis, or one word responses like “wow” or “good”. Often times you will also see people mentioning that they have subscribed and/or tipped a person, and are asking that person to do the same back. This is also very much frowned upon and in violation of the first rule of the site. If you want people to sub/tip you, please take the time to leave insightful comments and write meaningful posts. Don’t copy pictures from google and quotes out of books and flood the site with them. Be original. Be creative. You can still create funny posts that are creative and relevant to the times.

Reporting Content

As a functional member of the Noise community, you’ll want to try to keep the site clean by reporting spam/begging and other potentially unsafe content. To do this, just click the little “⦸” icon on the bottom-right corner of the offending post. The section will then darken and you’ll be given choices from there. You can report the content, ignore the user, block the user, or undo if you accidentally clicked the icon. In most cases, you’ll want to click the “Report” choice, select the most appropriate REPORT type from the list that shows up (most likely the begging for tips/subs), and then click “Send” to send the report. A text box is also included before you click “Send” in case there’s any context you may need to add. This is especially important for non-English content that the admins may be totally unaware of and/or unable to understand.

Tips to Grow A Healthy Account

To really get the most out of noise.cash, you’ll want to form healthy friendships with people on the site. I’ve personally found the best way to do this is simply by browsing the EXPLORE section of the site and finding posts and discussions that look interesting. When leaving comments, remember to be respectful and leave engaging comments – something more than just “wow” or “cool”. Tell the person what exactly you find so cool about their post, or what it was that really drew you in. Letting them know you’re human is the best way to get things started. As previously mentioned, also remember to not overdo it with posts – much like you probably wouldn’t want your SUBSCRIPTIONS feed to be completely flooded by one or two people, your subscribers probably wouldn’t want that from you, either. Do your best to limit the posts you make. If you feel that making a post soon after a previous one, just make sure that it’s for a good reason and provides something that you feel other people would also enjoy. The occasional 2-3 posts of “okay” content now and again probably won’t bother anybody… just don’t make it an all-day-every-day kind of ordeal.

Don’t Be A Spammer

One major issue on the platform right now is spam comments – people begging for followers and tips. You’ll notice a lot of posts like “sdone”, “tdone back”, etc. These are people basically trying to tell you that they have subscribed/tipped you and expect you to do the same back to them. These spammers will comment on every post and comment that they can and it really pollutes the site; but sadly it’s an endless battle against them. Your best course of action is to report the content (see REPORTING CONTENT) and move on. It’s important to remember that your account is totally yours to manage. You should be subscribing to accounts that you find interesting and/or engaging, and you should be tipping comments and posts that you feel are good quality and deserve a tip.

Conclusion On noise.cash

This detailed explanation was created by a noise.cash user named Abraxas. Click here for his original article on the app.

I am fully hooked on the platform already that after 24 hours i was compelled to put this article together!! I can honestly not only see this platform exceeding all expectations, but the cryptocurrency BCH is on the up and up! Win win for everyone!

My belief is that the reasoning behind this platform is not only a way to for users to socialise and monetize their content, but it is amazing visibility for Bitcoin Cash (BCH). BCH is an amazing peer-to-peer electronic cash cryptocurrency. Transact in seconds, network runs without congestion that you are able to send globally for pennies! If you want more information on the coin, check out https://bitcoincash.org/

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