Tsu Bear Travels With Panky & Pandora

Sponsored by Cash Review and Tsu Social, Tsu Bear started his life with Panky & Pandora and visits the South of England. Beginning with a road-trip around the country of Hampshire.

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Tsu Bear Travels Around the South of England

Tsu Bear Shows Tsu Social The Local Lakes

Due to the current Covid lock-down measures that have been implemented in England, travelling places of interest can sometime be quite difficult. Thankfully, exercise is permitted for everyone and luckily there are many great places within the Great British countryside that Tsu Bear can visit.

First stop on our travel around is a walk round a quaint lake in Andover. Anton lake is home to a huge variety of bird species, which gives no surprise when you see the the lake and surrounding habitat that the wildlife thrive in. The path around the lake is roughly 1 mile, where thankfully the paths do not get too muddy so easily enough accessible for us pushing our buggy!
No matter what time of year, you will always see swans and geese! with this lake being relatively close to town, as well as housing estates in surrounding areas, it is relatively well used and no doubt these birds are extremely well fed!

Our time with Tsu Bear, not overly ideal coincides with the epicenter of Winter, yet the wildlife was absolutely amazing to see! Just to name a few, we saw swans, geese, robins, ducks, common shag (yes this is an actual name of a bird). The lakes are also apparently home to some otters, but i am yet to see one.

Tsu Bear Travels the Famous Stonehenge

Being in the South of England, it would not have been complete without Tsu Bear to travel to the famous Stonehenge. Stonehenge is still one of the worlds most beautiful yet controversial wonders of the world! Standing for around 5,000 years, people still amazed at HOW these huge stones were erected with the limited primitive tools at hand! The monument is comprised from two stones.

Firstly, the larger stones that create the bulk of the circle are called Sarsen stones. Recent research has managed to pinpoint the location of these large stone to a place called West Woods, south-west of Marlborough. Roughly 20 miles away from the monument, these ancient people had to somehow drag these 25 tonne rocks to where it lays now! Impressive! Secondly, the other stone that they used were called ‘bluestones’. However, these were not so local! These smaller, yet weighing still an impressive 5 tonnes, came from Preseli Hills in south-west Wales. Think about that… how would you transport a rock that weighs 5 tonnes, 140 miles without any type of engine or lorry to aid you! The entire monument is a masterpiece of engineering! For more information on how they believe the monument was erected, visit

The reason for the monument to be built is actually unknown. However, there are theories on the matter spanning from religious healing to alien intervention, but the monument remains shrouded in the unsolved mystery.
Some believe that due to its orientation, the entrance to the monuments faces the rising sun which would suggest that this was some sort of solar calendar. Other people, due to the recent excavation unearthing hundreds of human bones, would suggest that this site along with the surrounding sites, may have been a type of ancient burial ground. Perhaps it could have been a religious worship place for pagans to sacrifice and worship the gods? Or of course, who can really say it was “not” aliens helping humans? A little outlandish, but, it is remarkable how humans without modern technology could move a 5 tonne rock for 140 miles…

We are constantly excavating new history from the surround area of Wiltshire, unearthing new and important bits of history, so maybe one day, we will find the truth. But until then whatever the mystery, it will always remain a remarkable site that does not look like it will be going anywhere any time soon!

Tsu Bear Goes For A Road-trip And Visits Woodhenge

The next stop on Tsu Bear’s adventure is a road-trip to Wiltshire. The sometimes forgotten landmark ‘Woodhenge’, is generally overlooked due to its close proximity to the famous Stonehenge. Historians are no entirely sure of the purpose of Woodhenge, but it is believed to be around 4,500 years ago! What looks like random wooden poles coming from the ground is actually placed in quite neatly shaped circles. Potentially some sort of wooden temple or where rituals took place, but nobody knows the real purpose of the structure. Check out the history of Woodhenge here.

Winter in England is not completely horrid like the world may presume. The sunsets over the British countryside can be a spectacular scene for a photo! Although there are no flowers blooming, we can however see the first signs of Spring with the Snowdrops blooming. It is always an exciting time when you see these little flowers popping up on the side of the road everywhere, every February without fail! Tsu Bear had some fun laying in the field of flowers.

I always find that forests in Winter look quite creepy! Can you spot Tsu Bear in the tree? I would love to know how old this tree is, love the way the branches wind in itself.

Tsu Bear Visits Winchester

Winchester is an absolutely stunning city! They have taken pride in keeping a lot of the historic building rather than modernizing everything. Even the Tesco looks quirky! Famous for being the Capital of Wessex back in the Viking times, when England was actually split into separate kingdoms. We had to take a Tsu Bear Selfie with the statue of King Alfred the Great! King Alfred was famous for the beginning of the end of the Viking raids! He fought the vikings off until he finally proposed a peace treaty with them where they settled in the east of England. bit by bit, he then began taking back parts of England where his son Edward took over his Kingship. Due to King Alfred’s smarts, as apposed to brutality, his grandson Athelstan was the first King of England.

Who knows where we would be if it was not for King Alfred? Probably not English… Dengland maybe? Norwengland?

Typically English

Since this blog will not only be created by people from all over the world, but people that read this will undoubtedly not be from England and perhaps never visited. So with this, and sticking to England’s current Covid Lockdown measure, we have tried to find something typically English for Tsu Bear.

Unfortunately we couldn’t get hold of Queen to get a selfie with her, famous things like Big Ben or the London Eye was unfortunately too far for us too see and i don’t think a cup of tea would make for a good photo. However, all the countries we have visited, we have never seen post boxes quite the the British Royal Mail post box! So here is a typically English Postbox Selfie with Tsu Bear!

With That we now get ready to say goodbye to Tsu Bear from us Panky & Pandora. I hope you have had fun following us over the past week. It has been fun for us showing Tsu Bear our local area and the South of England! I really cannot wait for travelling Tsu Bear to visit new users around the world and find out where he ends up! Exciting times! Who knows… If you yourself are on Tsu Social, you may well get him one day! 🙂

  • Baby at the lake feeding swan tsu social
  • Emilia holding Tsu Bear whilst feeding the ducks
  • Tsu Social, Tsu Bear Selfie with a beautiful backdrop of a river
  • Tsu Bear Travels the World waterfall, river
  • Beautiful British Countryside, farmers field
  • Tsu Bear visits Woodhenge in Wiltshire with sunset
  • Tsu Bear visits Woodhenge in Wiltshire
  • Beautiful British Countryside, farmers field
  • Beautiful British Countryside, farmers field
  • Tsu Social TsuBear with the Snowdrop flowers
  • Tsu Bear climbing an old tree
  • Where is Tsu Bear? Tsu Social challenge
  • Winchester King Alfred Statue
  • King Alfred plaque Winchester
  • Tsu Bear in Winchester - King Alfred Statue
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  • Night Sky, selfie, palm tree, Social that earns
  • Tsu Bear Snow Angel
  • Tsu Bear Tsu social painting
  • 1 Postbox Selfie
  • 2 Postbox Selife
  • Tsu Bear at Stonehenge
  • Visiting Stonehenge
  • 3 Tsu Bear at Stonehenge
  • Goes to Bed

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