Tsu Bear Travels With Meg1

Sponsored by Cash Review and Tsu Social, leaving the South of England with Panky and Pandora, Tsu Bear has now traveled North to stay with Meg!

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Tsu Bear Arrived in Manchester

The Royal Mail postal service has definitely outdone themselves. Two day travel time and Tsu Bear reaches Manchester to spend some time with @Meg1. Stay tuned as Meg shows Tsu Social what the Northern part of England is like.

Tsu Bear has a Walk Around Strynsdale Reservoir

Friday walk for Tsu Bear!
He looked a bit bored & he’s been so good whilst I’ve been working  ….I decided to take him for a stroll around Strynsdale Reservoir.

Strynsdale is a local beauty spot tucked away in the beautiful Saddleworth hills in the Greater Manchester area, UK and it’s right on my doorstep. It was VERY windy so we made our way back home quickly for hot choc & cuddles

Quick fact about Saddleworth – the hills and moorland are most known for the notorious Moors Murderers ~ still a very raw subject in the Greater Manchester area.

Tsu Bear Visits Hartshead Pike

Tsu Bear Selfie at Hartshead Pike, Thameside

Hartshead Pike is a hill in Tameside in Greater Manchester, England, and its name is associated with the monument on its summit. It overlooks Ashton-under-Lyne, Mossley, Saddleworth, Lees and Oldham. On a clear day you can get views of Manchester, Cheshire and Snowdonia in Wales.

The monument itself is a Grade II listed building and was built in 1863 to commemorate the wedding of the Prince of Wales to Princess Alexandra of Denmark. There’s been a structure on the hill since the Roman occupation of Britain, where it acted as a warning beacon and signalling station.

Daily Tsunami – Tsu Bear Shocker!

Tsu Bear news article stating drunk & disorderly action

???????? ????

Tsu Bear hits the headlines after turning to Parma Violet Gin ~ in his defence he states he was bored after he was unable to post content or use the “Support Button” after a Tsu App Update
The Judge handed him a 12 month Suspended Sentence with a group & intense supervision requirement at Oldham Probation with @Meg1 as his Probation Officer.

Tsu Bear sits behind screen for safety

After being 15 minutes late, Tsu Bear finally arrives to his first probation appointment. Unfortunately he had to sit behind the plastic perspex for risk management purposes as to not hurt himself or others. He refused to comply with the structured 1-2-1 intervention. Mr Bear would not part with his parma violet gin & has an ATR (alcohol treatment requirement) in place.
After a productive rehabilitation session, Tsu Bear was released and given his next appointment date. After putting the gin the bin, he thanked his supervising officer Meg for being so lovely.

HMP Manchester Strangeways

HMP Manchester Strangeways

TsuBear and @Meg1 got some quick snaps of HMP Manchester (formally known as Strangeways) before we got arrested for loitering outside a Category A prison. It’s housed many well known & notorious inmates including Joey Barton, Harold Shipman – the serial killer GP, Dale Cregan who killed two young Police Women  (and hid due to a £20,000 bounty on his healthy eye!) and Ian Brady (the Moors Murderer along with Moira Hindley)

Tsu Bear Visits Grandma

Tsu Bear visits grandma

After doing so well with his recovery from the gin, Meg decided to take Tsu Bear to see Grandma. Being spoiled rotten with treats and cuddles, he spent all day in the sun helping in the garden and playing hide & seek.

Meg then drove Tsu Bear to see the local area and the local supermarket (ASDA) where they stocked up on munchies for their journey.  He bought lots of snacks and a banana yogurt cream for his face.

TsuBear at Etihad Stadium & Gas Works

What trip to Manchester would not be complete without a Tsu Bear selfie at Manchester City Football ground – the famous Etihad Stadium. Unfortunately, he was not able to go and see Old Trafford, the home of Manchester United, due to Covid restrictions being unable to travel more than 7 miles.

Manchester City Etihad Stadium

Fun Fact

Manchester City Football Club was founded in 1880. Originally named St. Mark’s (West Gorton), it became Ardwick Association Football Club in 1887 before it became *Manchester City* in 1894. The club’s home ground is the City of Manchester Stadium – Otherwise known as Etihad for sponsorship reasons. It moved from Maine Road in 2003 to Ardwick where it has remained ever since.

Whilst in Ardwick, we visited the Old Manchester Gas Works based based just outside Manchester City Center.

The iconic gas holders in Beswick, East Manchester were built in 1869 along with the adjacent colliery, ironwork’s and cotton mills. The huge iron structures dominate the skyline behind the Eithad stadium. However, there are plans to demolish these to make way for housing.

Tsu Bear may well be one of the last to see it before it disappears from the skyline forever!

  • Tsu Bear Arrives in Manchester
  • Tsu Bear prepares his travel journey

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