What is Tsu Advisory Board (TAB)

Tsu Social network, growing at the current rate that it is leaves the Tsu staff extremely overwhelmed. Tsu always welcomes suggestions and ideas for improving the platform, but unfortunately does not have the means to support such actions when thousands of Tsu users all email at once. They completely understand that the growth of the platform will ultimately come from the users itself and for best user usability, they need to listen to to those that use the app every day.

With the constant barrage of emails and messages that Tsu and the team were getting, it was decided that the Tsu Advisory Board (TAB) would be a great way to be able to listen to everybody all at once.

What is the TAB?

The Tsu Advisory Board is a group of regular active Tsu users from across the globe that was initially chosen by Tsu itself to form a committee. Since then the TAB has now become self suffiecient, whereby they actually vote between themselves when new committee members request to join. The reasoning behind creating the TAB was to essentially have a bridge between the users on the platform and the Tsu team themselves. Since the Tsu team are somewhat busy building the app, having the committee of users that use the app daily and speak to users daily, was a brilliant idea!

What does the TAB do?

As previously said, the Tsu Advisory Board is made up of a group of people that literally represent every continent in the world. Each member has their own niche, their own way to Tsu, and their own circle of friends. So with the diversity that makes up the committee, it is pretty unbiased when it comes to decisions.

The TAB represent every user on the platform. If a user has a suggestion, they can bring it up to the committee. The suggestion will be forwarded directly to the head of Tsu where they can actually make the changes happen! This in itself will bypass the need for you to go to Tsu support and await a response from them. This is also a much more effective way of actually being heard!

Tsu support have a barrage of emails they need to go through with regards to glitches, bugs, account issues etc. without having platform suggestions on top. So sometimes your suggestion may get misplaced due to their workflow and priorities. With the TAB, they have meetings with Tsu to discuss such discussions directly. So your idea that could change the course of Tsu as we see today, is more likely to be seen through the TAB.

The TAB committee, seeing as they are actively on the app every day, have a better view point of the platform than that of the staff themselves. With this, it makes sense that they as a committee, have a better understanding of Tsu users. This is the reason that Tsu have given the TAB authority to approve people for Tsuper Tsu Badges.
To apply for a Gold or Platinum badge from the Tsu Advisory Board, email TAB@tsusocial.com along with the justification summary detailing the reasons that you are deserving of either Gold or Platinum badge status.

Who is in the Tsu Advisory Board committee?

So as i stated previously, the Tsu Advisory Board is made up of members across the globe speaking all different languages. This is a great way for users to approach members, even if they do not speak English very well. Here is a list of TAB committee members who represent each part of the world.

North America

Kathy Hull (@Krysanthe) – United States
Marc Anthony Foote (Marcfoote) – United States
Carmen (@Carmen) – United States
Louanne Nicole (@Camomermaidxoxo) – United States
Mindy Blackstien (@heymindheart) – Canada
Heather King (theeowlqueen) – Canada

South America

Alex Biondo (Batman) – Brazil
Lourdes Hernandez (@lourdeshd66)


Claudia Everest (@adogaday) – UK
Mark Linnard (@discardtheraft) – UK
Charlene Tobin (@Pandora83) – UK
Carl Hume-Pankulis (@Panky) – UK
Marcio Mendes Fernandes (@Marcio) – Portugal
Giovanni Fico (@Minos84) – Germany
Elisabetta Bucciarelli (@lizbabel) – Italy


Waheed Mia (@bokenshoot) – South Africa


Yuka Kato (@rmirrors7) – Philippines
Aravind (@aravind) – India
Jen Yamaguchi (@jenyam) – Japan


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