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Tips & Tricks Display Contest!

Display Social Tips & Tricks Contest
With the re-branding from Tsu Social to Display Social, we created a contest whereby users On Display would come up with their best tip, trick or advice to help new users joining the platform! So many amazing Display Social advice came out of the platform! So with the aid of the contest hosts, we narrowed the decision down to just 11 of our favorite tips!
We all know that coming to a new platform is no easy ride with learning the app’s features, how to use it, and also the difficulties of the “unwritten rules” and tips. 
How do you get seen? What is your best path to success? What some of your do’s and don’ts? 

Unsure what Display Social is? Check out this article “What is Display Social?” for information of the app and what features it has!

We want to know your thoughts! Share you knowledge and experience #OnDisplay both in the comments here and by using the hashtag in the app #BestDisplayTips. What would you do if you was a new user with the knowledge that you have now?

Big Thank you to the Contest Hosts

This contest would not have been made possible with these people! They not only chose the winning entries by using their own knowledge and experience, but they helped spread the word across the platform so that everyone had the best chances to join in the challenge!

If you do not know these users yet, make sure you go and check them out! Not only are they all successful Display users, but all willing to help new users with any questions you may have! Each of these people wish to see a better Display and a more fun experience for everyone in it!

Thank you!


Tip contest hosts

11 Tips to Display Social

@Schopin0505 user on Display Social

Don’t just post and disappear, DISPLAY yourself. Interact with other users, make genuine comments on their posts. Be active daily and support the people that are supporting you! I personally like to stay a day behind on supporting. So today I am supporting back everyone who supported my posts from yesterday. I call this my support circle, it helps me to stay consistent with supporting the people that support, me.

@pinctada User on Display Social

I’ve been receiving a lot of messages from friends asking how can I possibly get many likes, shares, and supports, like what are my tricks or strategies. Good thing, I saw this challenge wherein I can share some tips, especially to new users. First and foremost is to “POST ORIGINAL CONTENT”. Express your thoughts, feelings, and interests by posting nice and original content. Another very important thing is to  “INTERACT”. Give “like”, “support” and “comment” genuinely to those who deserve it. This is the best way to gain not only numbers but also friends from different sides of the world. Let’s not just focus on our earnings but also on making friends because friends are what make us enjoy this platform. One more thing, “KNOW YOUR LOYAL SUPPORTERS”. I hope these few tips will help.

Thank you DISPLAY because I met new lovely friends from different countries especially the ADF family.

@selfi User on Display Social

*Give and Take*

This app works the way the “Give and Take” book describes. It can be a like, a comment or a support. Just because almost everyone in this app try to be a creator then we have to compete, but more than just compete, creators need to socialize with. The more friendly you are the more easier people to remember you. They will know you are exist. A bonus: They will regularly check on your posts.

Mark Twain once said that “kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see”. So when you give a comment, don’t type only emo (I did sometimes), please write a memorable comment.

@SugarFreeCoach User on Display Social

Want shoutouts from awesome Displayers?

Be everyone’s top supporter. One activity you won’t max out. It takes less time, is more rewarding & more effective than commenting “supported” repeatedly.

Display makes acts of kindness easy & impactful. #DisplayTips #rak #ark #supportonDisplay

@TsuperUser User on Display

something that we create ourselves will be more proud than using the work of others, create the authenticity of a work, create creativity, interact with each other will make it easier for us to get to know people from various countries and obey the rules that have been set makes us more respected, sharing experiences in the field of art or whatever will increase our self-knowledge,give positive things in every interaction

@Superfinn User on Display Social

My biggest tip for new users is to interact with other users! Real, authentic comments on people’s post can create wonderful connections. Use your posts to tell a story about what is happening in your life, what is happening around you. Be original and have fun!

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@JayR25 User on Display Social

My Tip as a newbie 

Be original, be you.. But as a newbie posting original content, i realized that users don’t even notice me at all.  But being sociable and friendly make them notice me somehow..  when you leave comments on their post, appreciating their photos, some will visit your page while others still don’t care at all then others will follow you..

@ashzero User on Display Social


Find a group you like and post there! It might be a food group or a smoker’s group or an art group.  Find a community to put #OnDisplay

@IIP User on Display Social

You don’t have to be a great creator, you don’t have to have a sophisticated camera.  Just Take a picture from your phone, take any picture you like and post it on the display.  the most important thing is that your own photo is not the result of stealing from other people.

@KETIUTMAX95 user on Display Social


Never be ashamed if you don’t have a good skill at photo shoot. No matter how good content you are if you never interact with others then you are ignored as well. Confidence is the best thing for you to become successful at anything! Just remember “You’re You, You’re Unique!” Keep going ma friends

@Social a user on Display Social

Like the #BestDisplayTips … Think about starting your own contest!

Here is one i did a few months back:

=The Great Melon Challenge=

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