Scan Your Receipts, Earn Money With Storewards App

Scan Your Receipts, Earn Money With Storewards App

Storewards offer their users hard cash in return for sharing their receipts! Is Storewards legit? How do i earn money from Storewards? What is Storewards? These are just some of the questions i will answer with this article!

What is Storewards?

Everywhere you shop, you get a receipt that usually gets screwed up and or rammed into your wallets or purses. At the end of the month, your wallet is so packed full of these things, you find it a struggle to find the £10 note you hid away! Or is that just me? The Storewards app gives you money in return for taking a snap of your receipts! All you need to do is take a photo of the receipt and share it with Storewards. Simple!

Unfortunately, this app is only available in the UK.

How can i collect Storeward coins?

So obviously, the name of the game is receipts, so that is the main way to earn coins. However, there are a few other ways on top of that!

Firstly, there are unfortunately limits to how many receipts you are able to scan each week. This is limited to 35 presumably to stop the savvy Tesco workers collecting up all the unwanted receipts and making a packet from them!

Other ways of earning some extra coins are:

  • Sign up bonus – get 10,000 coins for signing up! Easy £1 right there!
  • Every receipt snap earns you an easy 600 points.
  • Daily bonus which increases each day up to 100 coins. So being given 100 coins just to log in to the app!
  • Earn 2,000 coins for connecting to Amazon and 1,000 coins for every month you stay connected.
  • Every time you shop with Amazon, your receipts will automatically get saved to Storewards and you will automatically get your coins.
  • Achieve levels – Every time you snap, you reach higher levels. Every time you reach a new level, you get a bonus.
  • Unfortunately this is not available any more and i am unsure if it will return, but they did have a referral bonus whereby you were given 1,000 coins for every person that you invite. They said they may bring it back, but who knows…

How much can i earn?

Lets be realistic now, nobody is going to pay you millions of pounds for your old receipts are they… However, every little helps, especially when you have these receipts anyway! It’s basically free money!

Minimum withdrawal limit begins at 20,000 points. which is £2 which can either be withdrawn via Paypal or via Amazon vouchers. So just think, for every 10,000 points you accumulate, you are given £1.

For each valid receipt you snap, you are rewarded 600 points. To snap a receipt takes around 30 seconds!

Storewards Payment Proof via Paypal

As i said previously, 35 receipts a week limit. So lets do some simple math!

600 x 35 = 21,000
Daily bonus of 700 per week. 21,7000
21,700 x 52 (weeks in a year) = 1,128,400 points
Round it to 1,100,000 then divide it by 10,000 = £110 per year.

Can’t really moan at £110 you never had before!

Receipt Hog taken over

If any of you ever used Receipt Hog, the Storewards app is taking over from Receipt Hog.

In a statement from Receipt Hog, they said:

“We’re sorry to say that Receipt Hog will be closing to UK users at the end of September. However, AC Nielsen Company Limited (“Nielsen”) has partnered with a new app called STOREWARDS where you can earn rewards similar to the ones you’ve come to know and love from Receipt Hog, including up to 10,000 bonus coins for just signing up with the same email address you use for Receipt Hog.”

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