Is WowApp A Scam? WowApp Review

Is Level Rewards a Scam? Level Rewards Review

One of the biggest affiliate platform currently on the internet. Being able to earn money by referring people to join in a Multilevel Marketing (MLM) scheme. Is Level Rewards a Scam? Level Rewards Review – we intend to go through Pro’s and con’s of the platform.

What is it?

Level Rewards is an affiliate site that publishes certain incentives such as surveys or offers. Working with companies, they pay Level Rewards advertising premium in order to drive traffic to them.
They make the advertisers happy by supplying them with real users who are willing to give their offers a fair trial. They also keep the users happy by looking for the best offers they can find and having fast payouts.

Joining Level Rewards is completely free, however some of the offers are free but some may cost money to complete. Nobody is obligated to pay any such premiums, but obviously, the better rewards are from the paid offers.

The way a user earns money is by leveling up. You level up by completing offers and earning credits. 1 credit = 1 level. So for example, if you complete 2 offers that both give you 1.5 credits, you would get 3 credits, meaning you would reach level 3.
When you invite people to join Level Rewards, you will earn $5 for every level your referral reaches. So if your referral reaches level 3, they would have earned you $15.
The catch with this is that the maximum a member can earn per referral is based on their current level, which in turn forces the user to reach the highest possible level themselves.

Is Level Rewards a Scam? Level Rewards Review
Is Level Rewards a Scam? Level Rewards Review

In reality, a person who gets to level 10 (who can earn up to $50 per referral) will have some members who get to level 5, others who get to level 1, others who get to level 10, etc. Increasing your level raises your income potential, but how much you earn per referral will vary. Typically, the more you help your sign-ups and the better relationship you build with them, the more levels they will complete and the more you will earn.


  • Membership is free to register
  • Payment paid into your PayPal account typically within 24 hours.
  • Unlimited referral potential, so you can invite as many people as you want.


  • The platform looks like a Pyramid scheme, so referring can be difficult.
  • A lot of the offers that give good rewards cost money to complete.


The app has some amazing potential if you are good at recruiting people. With it being an unlimited referral platform, the potential for huge gains are indeed possible!
The best part about it, is that if your willing to do a lot of small offers, the entire experience is FREE. However, the offers that cost money, if you’re thinking long-term, you can think of it as more of an investment than a waste as your income will return the higher your level.

Is Level Rewards a Scam? Level Rewards Review
Is Level Rewards a Scam? Level Rewards Review

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