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How Do You Make Money On Display Social? Is the Display App Legit?

So i am guessing that you have heard of Tsu Social to have found this post, but perhaps you are not sure how the Tsu app makes money or how you can earn money with joining. In this article i will list all the current ways of earning on Tsu and answering the question – How Do You Make Money On TSŪ Social?

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6 ways to make money on Tsu Social

How Do You Make Money On TSŪ Social?

Your Tsu Timeline Feed

When scrolling through your Tsū feed, you will notice that after every three photos, you will see an advert. The three photos after before the advert will split equally the revenue made from the advert.
So for example, if the advert created $1 in revenue, Tsū Social takes 50% equally 50 cents. Then the remaining 50 cents get split between the three photos equally.

Communities Make Money

As with earning via your own timeline feed, the Tsu Community feature is an amazing way to not only earn, but to interact with like minded people! Within the community, you will again see that there is an advert shown after three photos. This again will be split: 50% goes to Tsu social and 50% gets split between the users that created the three photos.

Your Own Profile

Adverts are now shown within your own feed! You will not see these when you look at your own profile to stop people from fraudelently scrolling through their own feeds all day paying themselves. However, the adverts will be shown to anyone that comes and checks out your profile. This being said, unlike the previous two points, your profile will only show your content. This means that the split is a lot higher in your wallet. 50% goes to Tsu Social and 50% goes directly to you.

Support Me Button

At the bottom of everyone’s content, you will see a few options:- Like, Comment, Share on the bottom left and on the bottom right of the content will say “Support Me”.
Clicking this Tsu support me button will open up a window that you will have to watch an advert. The revenue created by the advert is split once again, 50% to Tsu Social and 50% goes to the content creator that you just supported. The idea behind this is that you are giving recognition to content creators that you enjoy by essentially paying them a tip like you would a waiter in a restaurant.

Tsu Cares Program

If you are an eligible Tsu Cares program for not-for-profit organisation, you will actually keep 100% of the revenue made from the Support Me button. Under the Tsū Cares Program, in addition to the award rate you receive from advertising monies earned from your content on the Tsū Social platform, Tsu will also donate its portion of the advertising revenues received by us from the “Support Me” button to your organization after costs, expenses, charges and other applicable holdbacks.

In order to be eligible for the Tsū Cares Program you must be a recognized not-for-profit organization by the United States Internal Revenue Service meeting the following criteria:

·         Must be a not-for-profit youth sports team or organization

·         Be a not-for-profit youth music, theater or other entertainment group

·         Show another type of qualified not-for-profit organization

·         Finally, be accepted by us for the Tsū Cares Program

To apply for eligibility in the Tsū Cares Program you must complete all of the following requirements:

·         Complete and sign the Tsū Cares application form by clicking on the attached link: Tsū Cares Application

·         Provide a valid U.S. Employer Identification Number

·         Provide evidence that you are a qualified not-for-profit organization by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service

·         Have an official website

·         And of course, be a registered user on the Tsū Social platform with an active account as defined in the Creator Awards Program.

For more information on the Tsu Cares Program click What Is The Tsu Cares Program

Tsuper User Tsu Badge

If you are an active user on the Tsu app, then you may be eligible for a Tsu Badge. Although there are standard requirements for automatic approval that are listed in my article What is a Tsuper User Tsu Badge? How do i get one? There are however ways of gaining the badge without the stated requirements. If you are continuously active in the Tsu app and you support other users, you may request approval from the Tsu Advisory Board who will take your activity in to count and chose whether o not to accept your request. Applying for a Tsuper Badge.

The part that we are interested in within this article is the financial gains of a Tsu badge… Each bonus is awarded to the users Tsu bank at the beginning of each month. The percentage takes in to count not only your dividends from views on your content, but your revenue made from the Tsu Support me button.

  • Gold Tsu Badge gives a 3.5%
  • Platinum Tsu Badge gives 10%
  • Diamond Tsu Badge gives 20%
Tsu Badge Bonus dividends

Inviting Users

The final way of earning money is a way that will not be around forever. Currently as Tsu Social is still new and looking to grow, the team have decided that one of the best ways to promote is definitely word of mouth.

Whilst the Tsu app is still new, they have given current tsu users the opportunity to earn 10% of whatever their referrals earn. Going back to my previous point where the ad revenue is split 50% each to Tsu social and the content creator. The 10% given for the referral scheme is taken from the percentage taken by Tsu Social, so no need to worry about anyone being short changed.

So for example, you invite your friend John who is a whiz on Social media platforms. He manages to earn $10 per week from his content. Because you invited John, you are entitled to 10% which means you earn $1 for just inviting him! People that are being invited are worried that the money is taken from their share, so lets do some simple math…
Ad revenue made is $20
Tsu Social takes 50% = $10 – referral 10% = $9
Content creator takes 50% = $10
Referral takes 10% from Tsu Socials portion = $1

Now how many people do you know on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok etc.? These invited people can definitely add up somewhat! If you have not already been approached by a friend, then you i am more than happy to receive the 10% on your behalf! 🙂 Join up with the button below!

Tsu Social do every now and again give current Tsu users the opportunity to earn a little more during some promotional events. Currently users can increase their money on Tsu Social as when you invite someone, Tsu Social will add a bonus $0.25 to your Tsu bank. So if you invite 100 people to Tsu, you not only added $25 but you will earn 10% from their earnings for life! Not too bad…

Tsu Referral dividends

How Do You Make Money On TSŪ Social Brief Outlines

How do you make money on Tsu Social? English

  1. Your Timeline or Feed:
    a. When you click on the Home icon on the bottom left.
    b. When you click on the magnifying lens/Discovery on the top right.
  2. Communities
  3. A User’s Profile by clicking on their posts, photos, and videos.
    When you scroll down, you will see that one advert runs for every 3 posts. So, 50% of the revenue from a given advert goes to Tsū, and 50% goes to the creators of the 3 posts that you see before each advert.
  4. The Support Me Button
    In every creator’s post, including Exclusive ones, you will see the Like, Comment and Share buttons on the bottom left and the Support Me button on the bottom right. When you click on another creator’s Support Me button, an advert will pop up and the money generated from that advert will also be shared. 50% goes to Tsū and 50% to the content creator you just supported. So, the time you spend clicking on the Support Me button turns into dollars for another creator and they can do the same for you!


Tsū récompense ses créateurs de contenu original grâce aux publicités fournies par Google Ads. Lorsque vous entrez dans Tsū, vous pourrez voir des publicités dans chacune des sections suivantes:

1. Historique (Timeline) ou Feed:
a. En cliquant sur l’icône Accueil située en bas à gauche.
b. En cliquant sur la loupe/Discovery en haut à droite.
2. Communities.
3. Tags.
4. Profile (Profil) des utilisateurs en cliquant sur leurs messages, photos et vidéos.
Lorsque vous faites défiler l’historique (Timeline ou Feed), la section Discovery, les Communities (Communautés), les Tags et les Profiles (profils utilisateur), vous verrez une annonce apparaître tous les 3 messages. Les revenus sont calculés comme suit: 50% des revenus d’une annonce vont à Tsū et 50% vont aux créateurs des 3 publications qui apparaissent avant chaque annonce.
5. Le bouton en bas à droite du post.
Dans les posts de chaque utilisateur, aussi dans les posts « Exclusive », vous verrez les boutons Like (J’aime), Comment (Commenter) et Share (Partager) en bas à gauche et un bouton en bas à droite. Lorsque vous cliquez sur le bouton en bas à droite d’un autre utilisateur, une annonce sera affichée et dans ce cas aussi, l’argent généré par cette annonce sera calculé comme suit: 50% va à Tsū et 50% à l’utilisateur que vous venez de gagner par en cliquant sur le bouton en bas à droite. Ainsi, chaque clic sur ce bouton signifie que vous ferez gagner un autre créateur et, à leur tour, les créateurs qui viendront sur vos posts feront la même chose pour vous!

Cliquez ici https://www.cashreview.co.uk/guide-to-tsu-social/ pour en savoir plus et choisissez Français dans la section inférieure gauche pour lire l’article entier traduit par Google Translate.


Tsū premia i suoi creators di contenuti originali grazie alle pubblicità fornite da Google Ads. Quando entri in Tsū, sarai in grado di vedere pubblicità in ciascuna delle seguenti sezioni:

1. Cronologia (Timeline) o Feed:
a. Cliccando sull’icona Home situata in basso a sinistra.
b. Cliccando sulla lente d’ingrandimento/Discovery in alto a destra.
2. Communities.
3. Tags
4.Profile (Profilo) degli utenti, cliccando suoi loro posts, foto e video.
Quando scorri la Cronologia (Timeline o Feed), la sezione Discovery, le Communities, i Tags e Profiles (Profili degli utenti) ti vedrai apparire un annuncio ogni 3 posts. Il guadagno viene calcolato così: il 50% del guadagno di un determinato annuncio va a Tsū e il 50% va ai creators dei 3 posts che appaiono prima di ogni annuncio.
5. Il tasto in basso a destra del post.
Nei posts di ogni utente, inclusi i posts “Exclusive”, vedrai i tasti Like, Comment e Share in basso a sinistra e il tasto in basso a destra. Quando clicchi sul tasto In basso a destra di un altro utente, verrà visualizzato un annuncio e anche in questo caso, i soldi generati da tale annuncio verranno così calcolati: il 50% va a Tsū e il 50% all’utente a cui hai appena fatto guadagnare cliccando sul tasto in basso a destra. Quindi, ogni clic su questo tasto significa far guadagnare un altro creator e, a loro volta, i creators che verranno sui tuoi posts contraccambieranno il favore!

Clicca qui https://www.cashreview.co.uk/guide-to-tsu-social/ per saperne di più e scegli Italiano nella sezione in basso a sinistra per leggere l’intero articolo tradotto da Google Translate.


Tsū recompensa seus criadores de conteúdo original, graças aos anúncios fornecidos pelo Google Ads. Quando você faz login no Tsū, você poderá ver anúncios em cada uma das seguintes seções:

1. Histórico (Timeline) ou feed:
a. Clicando no ícone Home localizado no canto inferior esquerdo.
b. Clicando na lupa/Discovery localizada no canto superior direito.
2. Communities.
3. Tags.
4. Profile – Perfil dos usuários clicando em seus posts, fotos e vídeos.
Quando percorrer o Histórico (Timeline ou Feed), a seção Discovery, Communites, as Tags e os Profiles (Perfis de usuário), você verá um anúncio aparecer a cada 3 posts. Os ganhos são calculados da seguinte maneira: 50% dos ganhos de um determinado anúncio vão para a Tsū e 50% vão para os criadores dos 3 posts que aparecem antes de cada anúncio.
5. O botão na parte inferior direita do post.
Nos posts de cada usuário, incluindo os posts “Exclusive”, você verá os botões Like (Curtir), Comment (Comentar) e Share (Compartilhar) no canto inferior esquerdo e o botão no canto inferior direito. Ao clicar no botão inferior direito de outro usuário, um anúncio será exibido e também neste caso, o dinheiro gerado por esse anúncio será calculado da seguinte forma: 50% vai para Tsū e 50% para o usuário que você fiz ganhar clicando no botão no canto inferior direito. Portanto, cada clique neste botão significa que você faz ganhar o outro criador e, por sua vez, os criadores que vierem para seus posts vão fazer a mesma coisa!

Clique aqui https://www.cashreview.co.uk/guide-to-tsu-social/ para saber mais e escolha Português na seção inferior esquerda para ler o artigo completo traduzido pelo Google Translate.


Tsū premia a sus creadores de contenido original gracias a los anuncios proporcionados por Google Ads. Cuando ingrese a Tsū, podrá ver anuncios en cada una de las siguientes secciones:

1. Historia (Timeline) o Feed:
a. Haciendo clic en el ícono de Inicio ubicado en la parte inferior izquierda.
b. Haciendo clic en la lupa/Discovery (Descubrimiento) en la parte superior derecha.
2. Communities.
3. Tags.
4. Profile (Perfil). En el Perfil de los usuarios haciendo clic en sus publicaciones, fotos y videos.
Cuando se desplaza por el Historial (Timeline o Feed), la sección Descubrimiento, las Comunidades, las Tags (Etiquetas) y los Profiles (Perfiles de usuario), verá aparecer un anuncio cada 3 publicaciones. El beneficio se calcula de la siguiente manera: el 50% de los ingresos de un anuncio determinado se destina a Tsū y el 50% a los creadores de las 3 publicaciones que aparecen antes de cada anuncio.
5. El botón en la parte inferior derecha de la publicación.
En las publicaciones de cada usuario, incluidas las publicaciones “Exclusive”, verá los botones Me gusta, Comentar y Compartir en la parte inferior izquierda y el botón en la parte inferior derecha. Al hacer clic en el botón inferior derecho de otro usuario, se mostrará un anuncio e incluso en este caso, el dinero generado por ese anuncio se calculará de la siguiente manera: 50% va a Tsū y 50% al usuario que acaba de ganar haciendo clic en el botón de la parte inferior derecha. Entonces, cada clic en este botón significa que ganarás otro creador y, a su vez, ¡los creadores que vengan a tus publicaciones te devolverán el favor!

Haga clic aquí https://www.cashreview.co.uk/guide-to-tsu-social/ para obtener más información y elija Español en la sección inferior izquierda para leer el artículo completo traducido por Google Translate.

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  1. This is @lizbabel on Tsu and these are the 2 things I love about Tsu:
    1. You meet Creators from all over the globe
    2. There’s $1 million to be won in @TsuLive Trivia contest!

    Good luck All

  2. Very informative and this is very helpful to all the tsū users especially to all the newbies. I will share this to my tsū family and friends. Thank you for the information.

      1. Click on the 3 horizontal lines on the top left corner, then click on bank.
        The bank updates every 24 hours except weekends. You are paid on Monday for the money earnt on the Saturday/Sunday

  3. Very good information, everything is here, makes it easier for new TSU users, I will share this with all members of my macro photographer community and my family group

    I will take part in all the contests that are very interesting for content creators

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