Display Bear Selfie in the cockpit

Display Bear Travels With Marcfoote

Continueing his journey around the United States of America, Display Bear moves on to the neighbouring state of Misouri to spend some time with @Marcfoote, Sponsored by Cash Review and Display Social, Display Bear started his life as Tsu Bear with with Panky & Pandora in the South of England where he plans to visit countries around the world with the aid of Display users!

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The Unpacking of Display Bear!!

The Road-Trip with Marcfoote

Display Bear arrived in Missouri at the perfect time! He got to go on an 850 mile road-trip from St. Louis Missouri to Denver in Colorado! @JHolloway is driving, Eva and @rezzie are in the backseat.

Hitting the 250 mile point was Kansas City which was was a short drive for the Display Bear until the trip continued further west towards Colorado.

Back home to Missouri

Display Bear Selfie in the cockpit

After putting a lot of miles under their feet, it’s time to go home. Having to leave @JHolloway, Eva and @rezzie to continue their trip West, @marcfoote and Display Bear had to head back to St. Louis due to work.

We put a couple hundred miles on the #FNRoadtrip and enjoyed the skies on the way back! Every time I fly, I try to go up front and get a picture. Display Bear went with me this time. #Cockpitselfie!

  • Display Bear Selfie in the cockpit

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