Display Bear making friends

Display Bear Travels With Krysanthe

After an eventful time with Jason and his puppies, it is time for Display Bear to jump out of Canada and in to his THIRD country!!! Sponsored by Cash Review and Display Social, Display Bear started his life as Tsu Bear with with Panky & Pandora in the South of England. Beginning his trip around England and then across the Atlantic to Canada. Now he has ventured south to Missouri, America with Kathy Hull @Krysanthe

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The Unpacking of Display Bear!!

Display Bear making friends

Jason did such an amazing job with his packing, but Kathy’s video of her “Unboxing” is brilliant!! So excited that Display Bear has now reached his 6th person and his 3rd country!!

He seem to be able to make friends wherever he goes!! Can you spot him?

  • Display Bear making friends

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