The Birth of Display Bear

Display Bear Travels With jasonmaure

Everyone thought that the re-branding from Tsu Social to Display Social would be the death of Tsu Bear… Well… Thanks to Jason and his wife, we proudly present DISPLAY BEAR!!! Sponsored by Cash Review and Display Social, Display Bear started his life as Tsu Bear with with Panky & Pandora in the South of England. Beginning his trip around England.
He has made it across the Atlantic and with Display user Jason @jasonmaure in Ontario, Canada!

For those who do not know what Tsu Social is, check this article for What Is Display Social to get the down-low of the new social media platform. The platform, similar to Instagram, allows users the opportunity to earn money for their content making this the Social that pays.

Display Bear Chilling with Jason and Einstein

Display Bear seems to now have some sort of addiction to coffee! But with the chores Jason has given him, it’s not surprising! Waking up early every morning to see the sunrise, he gets given his gardening chores where he helped dig to plant some tomatoes!

He seems to make friends everywhere! Einstein the puppy was caught napping with Display Bear which was super cute!!

Enjoying an amazing Romeo y Juliet  cigar and a beer in the paradisa del backyardo after a long day of landscaping and #DisplayBear photobombed my picture!

  • The Birth of Display Bear
  • Display Bear does a selfie photobomb
  • well needed coffee in the morning
  • Display Bear and puppy einstein cuddles
  • Time to display some gardening
  • Display bear has a coffee addiction

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