9 Tsu Tips - Guide To Tsu Social

9 Top Display Tips – Beginners Guide To Display

There are now 200k people that have downloaded Display Social, but so many people leave after the first few days! With this in mind, I thought I would put together this Beginners Guide To Display Social in order to help new people make the most of this new platform! If you have not already, click here to sign up. Just let them know CashReview sent you.

  • What is Display Social? Display App Review 2021.
    After a long awaited few years, Tsu has finally arrived! “The Social that pays” has relaunched! Social media is starting to move forward, where you do not need to be a celebrity or a well known influencer to earn money. Everyone that posts on Facebook or Instagram is an influencer in one way or another and everyone deserves the right to be able to monetize their content.

What is Display Social?

Firstly, with only 200k people worldwide that have currently downloaded the app, I believe a lot of people reading this will be thinking, “What is Display?” “Is Display Legit?” Let alone how to Display…

In a brief paragrapgh, Display Social is a new social media platform that intends to rival that of Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. The idea behind this new venture is that the content creators that post everyday will be able to earn from their posts unlike all other platforms! Display has made many new features over the last few months, all different ways for users to earn. Awarding contents creators based on ad revenue, meaning the more your content is seen, the more money you earn!

For a more in depth Guide To Display Social, check out my review post here.


Display’s payout is based on advertising revenue. Once you have logged in onto Display, this is a list of the places you will be able to see adverts:

  1. Your Timeline or Feed:
    a. When you click on the Home icon on the bottom left.
    b. When you click on the magnifying lens/Discovery on the top right.
  2. Communities
  3. Tags
  4. A User’s Profile by clicking on their posts, photos, and videos.
    When you scroll down, you will see that one advert runs for every 3 posts. So, 50% of the revenue from a given advert goes to Display, and 50% goes to the creators of the 3 posts that you see before each advert.
  5. The Support Me Button
    In every creator’s post, including Exclusive ones, you will see the Like, Comment and Share buttons on the bottom left and the Support Me button on the bottom right. When you click on another creator’s Support Me button, an advert will pop up and the money generated from that advert will also be shared. 50% goes to Display and 50% to the content creator you just supported. So, the time you spend clicking on the Support Me button turns into dollars for another creator and they can do the same for you!

9 Top Display Tips on How to Display – Guide To Display Social

9 Top Tips - Beginners Guide to Tsu

1. Post original content

Display Social has definately made a name for themselves for being an inspiration to creative people. With the amount of creative people and challenges at hand, their are plenty of ways to get inspiration! A simple photo using your mobile phone of the sunset is perfect! Or how about a photo of a flower in your garden? Or a picture of your cat…
Whatever you chose to photograph, it has come apparent to me that people of Display much prefer a mediocre photo taken by you, than an amazing photo taken from google. Not to mention the copyright implications that may occur in the future from your stolen goods… Digital photographs are someones property just as much as if you were stealing someones car…

Stay Original – Stay You!

2. Interact with other Display Social users

Now this one seems like it is a very straight forward, however, it is crazy how so many people seem to think that if they post a photo of an amazing sunset, they deserve recognition… It doesn’t work like that!
If you do not have any followers, then who is supposed to see your amazing photo? And how is anyone supposed to follow you, if they do not know you exist?
Commenting and interacting on other peoples content is a sure fire way of being noticed! If you comment on someones photo, there is a high chance that they will check you out too. If you think that you will gain followers from thin air, you will unfortunately fail, no matter how amazing your sunset is…

Another way to interact with other users, is by joining hashtags and challenges…
As with other social platforms, Display Social does use hashtags. However, the great thing about Display, is that the Display users have created some really inventive ways to challenge and inspire us in to content to create.
Generally when you join other peoples challenges, they again will be more likely to see your post via the hashtag and come to check your profile out. Not only that, but you will have other like minded people with potentially similar passions to you.
So if you have a cat, you like cats, you post a photo of your cat… Use a cat challenge/hashtag.

Check the link to the left for a list of current hashtags and challenges that you can join!

3. Post often – be active

This tip is quite controversial. There are many Display users that have different strategies depending on their circumstances. Where they are, how busy they are and what they feel is the best way to go about this.

My personal view is that posting around 4-6 posts per day is relatively a good idea. Display Social is currently on every continent in the world, different time zones mean different people! So if you are posting throughout the day, then there is a high chance that you will hit all multiple time zones. This means reaching a wider audience. So generally throughout the day, i am out with the family, i see something cool so i will snap it and post. Also taking in to count number 6 on my Guide To Display Social Join Communities
However, the other way that i have seen people post, is that they will only post 1 photo per day. But, they are actively commenting and supporting other users throughout the day which again will allow your own visibility throughout the time zones.

It comes down to your own personal preference when it comes to posting, but either way, to be successful, you must be relatively active going back to number 2 on my list Interacting with others.

4. Max out your limits

  • 500 supports
  • 12 shares + 12 posts

These are the daily allowances given to you by Display Social. If you are first starting out, where possible, i advise you to try and max them out!
Maxing out 500 supports and 450 comments can be tiresome, boring and time consuming so it is sometimes not possible. However, i advise you attempt to reach the line daily if you want to do really well on Display Social. As i said before, interacting with others is a fantastic way to gain own visibility, as when you visit other peoples content, comment, support etc. They are more than likely going to see you as an active user and come visit your profile. Thus growing your own network and followers.

Share for Share is strictly hated among the Display community, so as a general rule of thumb, i would not start asking people as you will more than likely get blocked. However, when you do share other peoples content, it does show others that you are a team player and you do recognize great content! Again people will more than likely visit your profile and follow you…

5. Support other users

As i mentioned in tip 4, you are given 500 supports every 24 hours that you can spend on your Display peers. But what is a support.

A support button is an advert. Now assuming that you have read my review on Display (If not click here to go and see it) You will know that Display Social pays 50% of the ad revenue created by advertisers, to us (the content creators). Ads come in all shapes and sizes, there are ads as you scroll through your feed, but there are ads with these little yellow Support me buttons. These ads vary between instant out ads and 30 second ads. the variety also pays differently depending on what ad you receive.

The whole point in these support me buttons is that you are willing to give your time to watch an advert, so that the content creator your recognizing gets paid. It’s like when you give a waiter a tip for a good job done. Well when you support other users, the user can see who has supported them. This in turn will show them that you are a team player and you will give up your time for good content to pay good content creators! There seems to be a kind of theme with these tips… Being a good supporter, showing that you are a team player, people will more than likely come to follow and visit your profile.

6. Join communities

What is Tsu Social Communities

Display Social communities are an amazing way for people with similar passions to get together and share their content to people. Firstly, you will more than likely receive shares and supports from people with a similar passion. Secondly, community feeds will not be bogged down with random crap you are not interested in!
If you passion is cats, then join a community for Cats! For example, the community Caturday is full of cat lovers that post their feline friends. If you have your own kitty, then share it within the community…

The Guide To Display Social is here merely for a guide to not get lost within the sea of sunsets and flowers. Finding people within communities with similar likes will definately help you succeed in Display Social!

7. Invite whilst you can!

Currently Display Social are doing a promotion to entice people as free publicity. So for a limited time only, for every person that you invite, you will earn 10% of what they earn!
For example – You invite your second cousin Joey to Display Social. He is now your Display baby. You show him my website ‘9 Display Tips – Beginners Guide To Display Social’ and he becomes an amazing Display creator! He now earns $10 per day! You will now earn $1 per day for inviting him, which we have been assured is a life time deal! Now say you have 10 more cousins that are just as successful… You are now earning $10 per day just for inviting your cousins to Display Social!

Be assured that this deal will not last forever! So make the most of the generosity while it lasts!

8. Do not expect miracles! – you wont become a millionaire

If you honestly believe that you will be earning $1k per week from posting photos of your mums dog within the first week of joining Display Social, then you are massively deluded! Firstly, it takes a while to gather any sort of traction when first starting, as nobody really knows you exist! Secondly, This is a social media platform that is paying you from adverts. These adverts generally pay pennies per post.
Some of the most successful Display users currently only earn $1-$2 per day! All you need to keep telling yourself is that a) this is a new platform and will grow b) you are being paid more than you are currently earning off Facebook and Instagram!

Keep posting, keep growing your network, keep interacting with other and you will earn. Do not expect to be able to quit your job within a week of joining otherwise you will be disappointed and will probably quit!

9. Have fun

There is a HUGE selection of topics and creators currently on Display Social. You can not only earn money, but make friends with people from all over the world! I genuinely think i could visit any continent and now a have a personal tour guide of their country with the friends made from the last 6 months. The creativity, inspiration and genuinely amazing content you can find on Display is enough to keep a lot of people using the platform. the money however, is a bonus! 😉


If you made it this far then you deserve a medal! i think i have typers cramp and square eyes currently!

If you haven’t noticed, there has been a theme along the entirety of this post. If you are active, you post original content, you interact with others and you don’t over exaggerate the limits of the platform, it is not that difficult to succeed in Display Social and earn a few beer tokens along the way.
This was a personal Guide To Display Social, everything is open to interpretation as everyone has different tips and tricks they use to succeed. However, with my own personal experience, the tips listed above have served me well and i can guarantee that if you follow them, you won’t go far wrong.

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