Best Crypto Blogging Platforms

The 4 Best Crypto Blogging Platforms?

This digital world has a lot of crypto blogging platforms that allow users to post not only crypto-related articles but any kind of articles even personal blogs. These platforms allow users to earn cryptocurrencies from posting content as well as from commenting on different content. Not only authors are gaining rewards, but the readers as well who are giving relevant comments to the articles.

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I have read this article from where the writer tackled the 5 best crypto blogging platforms. And you know what surprised me? I saw on the list. We know that isn’t that popular yet especially that many crypto blogging platforms were born before it. It may be known inside the crypto world, but not outside this world.

Here’s the top 4 Crypto Blogging Platforms on the list:

It’s great to know that is starting to be known to the blogging world and different bloggers from different parts of the world are now using it. The article was posted last June 1, 2020, it was also the month when I joined readcash. However, Uptrennd is now out of the photo as the platform shut down last May this year.

Let’s discuss the top 4 crypto blogging platforms on the list.

First off,

Steemit is a redefined social media powered by the Steem blockchain and users can be rewarded by the cryptocurrency STEEM for their contributions to the platform.

How does it work?

Users can share different content for free including personal blogs and crypto-related articles. They can also comment, vote on the content and might get paid by that. The STEEM rewards come from the rewards pool and the users’ rewards are based on the votes that their content receives from the curators and other upvoters.

Users can earn digital tokens by posting, voting, and curating, purchasing STEEM, and vesting or holding the token on the platform. The token is also available on exchanges like Binance, Huobi, and Bithumb. If you have Hive/LeoFinance account, Steemit is similar to this platform.

Someone told me that Steemit is quite complicated and I guess, it’s not easy to earn from posting content there. Based on my experience on Hive/LeoFi, you need to have a higher reputation score to get more readers, and the upvotes depend on the vote you receive from the curators. If the curators don’t like your content, then you will likely get zero to a few votes only.

The downvotes that users will receive can also affect their reputation score. Once it goes down to zero, then the system will hide your posts and comments making it difficult to get readers, monetary rewards, and followers.

Next on the list is, is connected to LeoFinance. LeoFinance is an online community centered around the topic of finance and cryptocurrencies. Hive is the decentralized blockchain network where LeoFinance was built. Content posted on LeoFinance also appears on and both can earn rewards, LEO token on LeoFinance and HIVE token on

How does it work?

The same as Steemit, users can earn digital tokens by posting content (mostly about cryptocurrencies and finance), voting and curating, and staking HIVE and LEO tokens on the platforms. The rewards come from the rewards pool and the rewards depend on the votes of the curators and readers. The LEO token can be converted to HIVE, then convert the HIVE tokens to any cryptocurrencies you prefer like BTC or ETH on accepted crypto exchanges.

The same with Steemit, you need to have a higher reputation score to be noticed by the readers and the rewards depend on the curator’s rate. The higher the reputation score, the higher the chance to get noticed, the higher the curator’s votes, the higher the reward a content will receive.

It is also worth noting that there is what they called “voting mana.” Newbies start with 100% voting mana and every time you vote a content, it will be deducted from your voting mana. The more you use the voting mana, your votes will have less influence.

And again, same with Steemit, if the curators or readers don’t like your content, you will likely get zero to few cents rewards only. Most readers are looking at the reputation score before reading the content. It is like, you need to be active and interact with other users first and post content that the readers will like to get a higher reputation score.

For example,

This content of mine about Bitcoin Cash received 7 upvotes but zero rewards on, and $0.06 on LeoFinance. The platform is most likely used for promoting LEO and HIVE tokens and projects under LeoFinance, but this article is about Bitcoin Cash so it did not gain more views and rewards from the curators and readers.

LeoFinance Bitcoin Cash

When I posted content about CubFinance on LeoFinance, it received 31 upvotes and $6+ rewards. The CubFinance is an extension to LeoFinance projects, so obviously, loyal curators of LeoFinance voted it as it contributed something and gave credit to the platform.


Content not related to cryptocurrencies and finance usually gets zero rewards. Personal blogs and repost content from other platforms are usually not accepted and won’t appear on the platform after posting them.

To know more about LeoFinance, you can read my article I’ve Lost All My Power In Just One Snap


Publish0x is a crypto-powered blogging platform where both authors and readers can earn rewards. It’s a crypto-agnostic platform and currently tipping ERC-20 tokens such as ETH itself, AMPL, and iFARM. The platform is also used to promote new ERC-20 tokens, drops, guessing Base and writing contests, and giveaways, as well as advertising other crypto platforms.

To be an author, you need to apply first after signing up and wait for their approval.

How does it work?

Newbies need to apply for authorship first before they can start posting content. Once they are eligible to post content, users need to make a blog where they will publish their content.

Authors can earn digital tokens by posting content more likely about cryptocurrencies, but non-crypto articles are also accepted. The rewards are given by the readers that come from the rewards pool.

Readers can earn rewards through upvoting content and giving shares for themselves, 20% for the content and 80% for themselves, or 50/50 or 80/20, it’s up to the readers.

Payouts are made every first Monday of the month to be sent to accepted wallets built under the ETH chain.

I registered on this platform last October 2020 and earning more or less $20 a month, depending on the number of articles I have posted. My articles on P0x are usually reposted and originally posted here on readcash.

A platform is also a place for different crypto enthusiasts where you can find many BTC shillers as well. If you are planning to join this platform, make sure to be prepared for constructive criticism as not all readers will agree on your content, especially if you posted content about certain crypto that they don’t like.

I also noticed that crypto-related content most likely to get higher rewards than non-crypto content. That’s why, users usually post content regarding cryptocurrencies – crypto predictions and stats, airdrops, crypto and NFT giveaways, promoting newly launched crypto projects, and other topics about DeFi investing.

For example,

My article about “Earn While Holding Crypto on Binance” got almost ten thousand views, hundreds of likes, and you can see dislikes as well. The reward I got from this content is $15.99, the value fluctuates as the crypto prices change. Meanwhile, my random article about “Life Full Of Idioms” only got a few hundred views, 16 likes, and a $0.24 reward since it is not related to crypto.

Publish0x article, earn money with Binance

My highest paid content on this platform was my entry to the #TradeWithBityard writing contest wherein I got a $10 prize and the rest of the rewards came from the readers of this article.

Publish0x TradeWithBitYard

You can read my article about Publish0x here, My Journey To The West With P0x.

And last but not least is our very own platform, is a BCH-powered platform created for Bitcoin Cash mass adoption. But unlike other crypto blogging platforms, accepts different kinds of articles, such as personal story blogs, fiction and non-fiction stories, free and creative writing, photography and travel blogs, news and current events, and of course, articles about Bitcoin Cash and other cryptocurrencies.

All genre in writing can be found here and users can post any kinds of the article (within the rules and protocols) that are interesting and appealing to the readers.

But unlike other crypto blogging platforms, the rewards of the content don’t come from the rewards pool and are not accumulated through votes by the readers. The rewards are distributed by an A.I. called @TheRandomRewarder and articles can also receive upvotes from different readers. The amount depends on the given upvotes of the readers. Readers can also earn rewards from the author of the article they are reading by leaving relevant comments.

And unlike on other crypto blogging platforms, non-crypto articles can also receive decent tips from the bot, not just BCH and crypto-related articles. But the same with other blogging platforms, the start is not easy. For the newbies, the first days, weeks, and months should be spent posting original interesting articles that will attract the readers and the bot, and introducing themselves through interacting with different users or posting relevant comments on different articles.

Once you gain subscribers, you will have more readers and upvoters as well, and you will notice that, after a few weeks or months, your upvotes from the bot will start to increase. The number of views likes, and readers are also important to catch the bot and get higher upvotes from it. But if you are wondering why your account has been moved to spam, check it, maybe you break the rules, or you are not active and interactive with others.

And what’s more interesting on readcash?

Users can give monthly sponsorships to other users and motivates each other to stay active on the platform. Despite the randomness of the bot, users continue pursuing their goals with the help of each other.

And are there other platforms that have a generous sponsor(s)? Or have you seen an article with up to $11,000 reward?

In case you don’t know, the highest upvote sir Marc De Mesel gave to a user is $11,000 in just a single article. You guys can check the Homepage corner and click “Top” to check the top articles with the highest upvotes. article earning thousands article earning thousands

No other platforms have that, only here on And only has a writer that is earning up to $6,000 a month through blogging, that is @CryptoMax.

And you might be thinking that only crypto-related or BCH-related articles have huge tips from the sponsor, NO you’re wrong. Because there are non-crypto-related articles that also received huge upvotes from the sponsor,sir Marc De Mesel.

It’s not that I’m promoting because I love this platform, it’s because, among all the platforms I have mentioned above, standout.

  • No complex signing up process and multiple passwords to be saved unlike on Users just need to take care of their seed phrases.
  • No reputation score and voting mana. Even newbies can have instant upvotes from the bot and the readers.
  • No limitations to posting and commenting. Users can post anytime, up to 2 articles per day. Commenting is unlimited.
  • No curators. Both the bot and the readers can give rewards to the articles and commenters.
  • No exception to giving rewards. Non-crypto-related articles can also get huge upvotes from the bot and the readers.
  • No payout limitations and schedule. Users can cash out all their rewards anytime, to any crypto wallets accepting BCH.
  • Easy writing articles and navigating the platform. (Try to visit Steemit and Hive, you will be confused about how the platforms work.)
  • Other platform’s sponsor(s) are not giving rewards directly to the content, only here on

Other platforms are more popular than, but this platform has a lot to offer that other platforms can’t.

This article was drafted a few days ago, but after reading @Pantera article about Is Not Just About Bitcoin this morning, I have decided to post this today, to inform the new readers that is not just for Bitcoin Cash. This platform is open for any kind of articles (by the rules) and the bot and the sponsor are up-voting not just the BCH-related articles but any type of articles. This misconception must end and to prove that what we are saying is right, why not start writing interesting articles on this platform? You might enjoy staying here 😉

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